Hailfire Droid 4481

Hailfire Droid 4481

Hailfire Droid 4481

One of the most popular types of LEGO are the Star Wars sets. With Star Wars sets you can battle the evil forces of the empire, be a bounty hunter, use the force to avenge the death of your mentor, or destroy a Deathstar.

The Hailfire Droid 4481 is one of the Star Wars LEGO sets. This set includes easy to follow visual instructions and all the pieces needed to create the Hailfire Droid 4481. This set is one of the Bionicle series. Though it does not come with any of the mini figures, it does come with some large wheels, plenty of gears and a pump action gun. The Hailfire Droid 4481 also comes with two missile launchers that have fifteen missiles a piece on them. This is the same vehicle that was used in the Star Wars Movie, “Attack of the Clones”.

This set is a “must have”, for any Star Wars or Lego fan. This nifty little droid zips along in all types of terrain on the two big wheels that lean outwards at the top. The missiles are supported on a platform that rides on the axle of the vehicle. The two large wheels are what made the concept of a mobile missile platform that could operate at high speeds, on just about any terrain, practical.

In practice, the droid operates well on carpet. The Hailfire Droids are sturdy and follow the design used in the movie, “Attack of the Clones”, faithfully. The reports of the vehicle surviving the drop from an upper bunk bed without coming apart show just how tough these Hailfire Droids are.

Though in a LEGO world all parts get used in multiple designs over and over again. It is easy to see that the large wheels on this design will prove to be one of its most popular features. That is part of the attraction of LEGO, you can put together your kit and play with it, then when you get tired of it, apart it comes and its parts used to create something new and wonderful. This makes LEGO a recycle toy. LEGOs were green before it was popular.

Legos is on the Grandmothers list of toys to buy when a birthday or holiday come up. Legos are toys that help hand eye coordination, improve problem solving skills and encourage creativity. Legos come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Great fun for children of all ages.

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