Episode I: The Phantom Menace LEGO Sets

Sith Infiltrator 7663

Sith Infiltrator 7663

  • AAT 7155
  • Anakin’s Podracer 7131
  • Battle Droid Carrier 7126
  • Droid Fighter 7111
  • Flash Speeder 7124
  • Gungan Patrol 7115
  • Gungan Sub 7161
  • Jedi Defense I 7203
  • Jedi Defense II 7204
  • Lightsaber Duel 7101
  • Mos Espa Podrace 7171
  • Naboo Fighter 7141
  • Naboo N-1 Starfighter with Vulture Droid 7660
  • Naboo Swamp 7121
  • Podracer Bucket 7159
  • Republic Cruiser 7665
  • Sith Infiltrator 7151
  • Sith Infiltrator 7663
  • Star Wars #4 3343
  • Trade Federation MTT 7662
  • Watto’s Junkyard 7186

    Episode I: The Phantom Menace is the first movie released by LucasFilms for the prequels trilogy.  The Prequel Trilogy sheds light on Darth Vader's past.

    The LEGO Group first agreed to released LEGO sets based on the Star Wars movies the same year that The Phantom Menace was released (1999) however the first film LEGO began releasing sets for was Episode IV: A New Hope.

    The Phantom Menace LEGO System has quite a few sets that are very collectible.  The Mos Espa Podrace 7171 is a good example of this.  This LEGO Set includes quite a few very desirable Star Wars LEGO mini figures like Jar Jar Binks and Padme Amidala.

    Another set that is a must have from the Phantom Menace sets is the Sith Infiltrator, simply because Darth Maul is one of the more desirable minifigs from the Star Wars sets.  The ship is a fun build to.

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