Anakin's Podracer 7131

Anakins Podracer 7131

Anakin's Podracer 7131

Take two popular phenomena like Lego and Star Wars, combine them in both physical toys as well as amazingly popular video games, and you end up with something like Anakin's Podracer 7131, the Lego version of the sleek vehicle from Episode 1. Measuring a little over a foot in length, the Lego version is a nice mix of the general blockiness with surprising touches of detail. For example, there are two typically generic Lego figurines of Anakin and Princess Amidala (in disguise as Padme, of course, as this is episode one). While the figures have the simple dots-and-lines for faces, Anakin's helmet has a visor that can flip up, depending on whether he's fine-tuning the engines or zooming past Sebulba's rival Podracer.

The racer itself is also a nice combination of both the traditional Lego blockiness and the amazing craftsmanship of the special effects team that worked on Star Wars. The podracer cockpit perches far back along the rectangular central spine of the racer, which looks just like any other block used to build Lego towns. But at the front, the twin engines framing the fuselage look ready to take off, complete with adjustable flaps to re-create the dramatic swoops and plunges of the movie. The kit also includes "Podracer Pennants" for the winner and a tiny one-eyed "Pit Droid" to help Anakin tune up or modify his Podracer.

That's one of the strongest points about this kit: because it fits with any other Lego kit, Star Wars or otherwise, it means that fans can adjust and change the way the pieces go together. For example, instead of two engines, attach one directly to the little blue cockpit where Anakin sits and use the other pieces to make Padme her own Podracer to race against Anakin. Other Lego kits, from medieval castles to Sebulba's own powerful quad-engine racer (also available in a Lego Star Wars kit) can be used to relive all the scenes from Tatooine - in fact, a bunch of Lego kits strewn about would pretty accurately render Watto's junkyard, where Anakin put together his Podracer in the first place. Anakin's Podracer 7131 is a worthy addition to any Lego enthusiast or Star Wars fan, ad an essential element to those who are both.

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