Battle Droids

Battle Droid Star Wars Mini Figures

Battle Droid Star Wars Mini Figures

Battle Droids are pretty common in the Star Wars sets released by LEGO.  They are still pretty cool and since their so common they're pretty cheap.  One problem with Battle Droids is when they have been handled/played with pretty often, they become "loose."  The parts on them are not quite as well built as most LEGO pieces.  Below is a list of the different types of Star Wars LEGO Battle Droid Mini Figures:

Battle Droid Commander Mini Figures

Security Battle Droid Mini Figure

Battle Droid Mini Figures

Pilot Battle Droid Mini Figures

Geonosian Battle Droid Mini Figures

Battle Droid Mini Figures are pretty fun to collect (as long as you get them in good condition.)  They are pretty abundant and make great "filler" for your Star Wars LEGO Battle scenes.

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